Thomas Daube Photography

Thomas Daube Photography

First a little about me: I was born in Youngstown Ohio in 1972 from there my family traveled to or lived in almost every US state as well as a little bit in Mexico and a few visits to Canada; I do know some broken Spanish if you know some broken English we could work great together. Now I live just south of Houston, TX in a little city called Rosenberg.

My hobby and passion since I was little was to become a photographer, I started out with a 110 film camera and eventually moved to 35mm then onto the digital scene. I really enjoy having digital cameras because they allow me immediate satisfaction.

Loving love is my favorite part of photography; I find that when people want pictures it is during a happy time...a engagement...a new baby...a new pet or an old togetherness...special events! It has been my honor to be present for many types of photo opportunities.

Please feel free to contact me any way you like:
Thomas Daube
Mobile: 832-600-2166
Facebook: Thomas Daube Photography
Twitter: ThomasDaube

I am looking forward to hearing from you!!